Vitacura view

Not all regions of Chile are as stark and barren as the ESO observing sites at Paranal, La Silla, and Chajnantor.

ESO’s Santiago office, located in Vitacura, is sometimes visited by passing rainclouds and plays host to astronomers, technicians and administrative staff.

Some 15 kilometres off in the background of this image, the beautiful snow-capped peaks of the Chilean Andes are visible. On a clear day the peaks can be viewed from almost anywhere in the city. They serve as a constant reminder of the natural boundaries of the busy city and its proximity to nature, should anyone require a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Visitors to the area can take an easy hike in the Parque Natural Aguas de Ramón or fans of local flora and fauna may like to visit the Santuario de La Naturaleza El Arrayán (nature sanctuary), both located close to the city in the Andes range.

Much closer, below the mountain on the left, the ALMA headquarter building is visible. It is located on the premises of ESO. On the very right stands the tallest building in Latin America: the Gran Torre Santiago. The 300-metre skyscraper was erected in the central business district, at walking distance from ESO.

This image was taken by ESO Photo Ambassador Julien Girard. Julien spends his days as an ESO staff astronomer and divides his time between the Santiago office and Paranal Observatory. He took up photography in 2002, and examples of his other photography can be found in his section on the photo ambassador page.


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