ESOcast 186: Engineers at ESO

22 November 2018

ESO designs, builds and operates some of the most advanced telescopes and instruments in the world. To achieve this, the organisation employs a host of talented engineers who design, develop and maintain these sensitive machines.

ESO engineers excel in everything from traditional disciplines like mechanical, electrical and software engineering to more specific areas, such as optics, detector systems, and cryogenic engineering. But what exactly does all this involve?

In this ESOcast, our innovative engineers talk about their cutting-edge work: what they do, why it matters, and what it’s like to work at the forefront of astronomical technology.

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Calum Turner
ESO Public Information Officer
Garching bei München, Germany
Tel: +49 89 3200 6670

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Screenshot of ESOcast 186
Screenshot of ESOcast 186


ESOcast 186: Engineers at ESO
ESOcast 186: Engineers at ESO