ESOcast 116: OPC 100

7 July 2017

To astronomers, ESO’s state-of-the-art telescopes are not just about collecting pretty pictures, however alluring they may be; they are tools to collect data, through which remarkable discoveries are made. But there is simply not enough observing time available for everyone to observe to their heart’s content — so how is telescope time allocated?

ESOcast 116 explores how astronomers request time to use an ESO telescope, and how ESO’s Observing Programmes Committee, embarking on its one-hundredth meeting, examines and judges these proposals in order to ensure that ESO is making the best use of its telescopes to advance our knowledge and understanding of the Universe.

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Screenshot of ESOcast 116
Screenshot of ESOcast 116


ESOcast 116: Success or Failure: How to Get Observing Time
ESOcast 116: Success or Failure: How to Get Observing Time