New data release from the APEX Large CO Heterodyne Outflow Legacy Supercam survey of Orion (ALCOHOLS) project

Published: 16 Dec 2022

This collection provides wide-field spectral line imaging data cubes (5 cubes, total volume: 11.50Gb) of the Orion A and B giant molecular clouds in the 12CO (J=3-2) line at a frequency of 345.795990 GHz from observations collected under ESO programme 094.C-0935(A), PI: T. Stanke, and the Swedish programme 094.F-9343. The data were obtained using the SuperCAM 64-pixel heterodyne array camera at the APEX telescope in December 2014. The cubes cover a total area of ~2.7 deg2 in the Orion A and B giant molecular clouds. The frequency axis includes the full spectral extent of the CO line detected in the area, including high-velocity line wings from protostellar molecular outflows. The data reveal a wealth of cloud structures and allow for an unbiased search for protostellar molecular outflows over a large portion of a star-forming cloud. A full presentation of the survey overview and data was published in Stanke et al. (2022, A&A 658, A178).

The released data are available via ASP or programmatically and include 5 science data cubes together with the associated whitelight maps and cubes in the GILDAS LMV format. More information is available in the related documentation; the DOI assigned to the data collection is 10.18727/archive/80.