The Messenger 188 is Now Available

Published: 21 Oct 2022

The latest edition of ESO's journal for science and technologies, The Messenger, is now available online. Issue 188 opens with an overview article by ESO’s Director General on the forward look of the organisation 60 years after its creation. Next, our readers will find articles summarising the latest results in the search for variations in the fine-structure constant, what can we learn from spatially resolving active galactic nuclei, and whether young stellar quadruples could be the progenitors of supernovae Ia.  Issue 188 also features an overview of the Additional Representative Images for Legacy (ARI-L) Development Project for the ALMA Science Archive and a presentation of CUBES, the upcoming Cassegrain U-Band Efficient Spectrograph for the VLT.

Further, our readers will find out more about the ways ESO has interacted with its community during and after the pandemic, as well as reports on the latest ESO workshops. The issue concludes with the profiles of two fellows, presenting their paths in astronomy so far.