New APEX Website

Published: 27 Jul 2020

The APEX website has been renewed and improved in various areas. Some of the most remarkable updates are related to information about the recently upgraded telescope and new instrumentation available and the procedures to follow in order to apply for telescope time in the different queues. Also several tools, at the service of researchers who want to user APEX for their research, have been improved. Among these are the observing time estimators, the atmospheric tool calculator and the instrument setup tool.

Information has been structured and updated. The new suite of large-bandwidth dual-polarization 2SB heterodyne receivers are fully described, as well as the state-of-the-art backend system, and the specifications of the recently upgraded APEX optical system. Also covered are sections on how to work with APEX data or how to access APEX public archival data through the ESO archive.

The APEX News section now incorporates an RSS feed, for subscribers to stay tuned to announcements from the observatory. An APEX Science section with links to recent publications making use of APEX data has been set up. A Spanish language version of the website is also available.

Comments and questions from the APEX community are welcome, and researchers who have never used APEX before for their research are encouraged to check out the site and explore the capabilities offered. Please use the APEX contact form available in the same website.