MUSE image of the Orion Nebula Schematic view of asteroid (25143) Itokawa Star Trails over the VLT in Paranal Ancient Constellations over ALMA Flaming Sky over Paranal Surprise Cloud Around Vast Star An Oasis, or a Secret Lair?
 La Silla - Evening ALMA seen from a hexacopter ESO's Very Large Telescope Array Giants at night A smaller array Panorama of Paranal ALMA correlator
Bold ALMA antennas Red alert The Comet and the Laser Paranal and the Shadow of the Earth KMOS on the Very Large Telescope at the time of first light Dark galaxies spotted for the first time Unit Telescopes of the Very Large Telescope
Two Auxiliary Telescopes Christmas Comet Lovejoy Captured at Paranal Simulation of gas cloud after close approach to the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way ALMA's World at Night (full panorama) Paranal Submerges into Sunset NGC 6188 A Galactic Embrace
A VLT Auxiliary Telescope and Cerro Armazones The star cluster and nebula NGC 371 The coolest pair of brown dwarfs Sailing the Atacama Desert The first ALMA antennas on Chajnantor Artist’s impression of the magnetar in the extraordinary star cluster Westerlund 1 The material around SN 1987A (artist’s impression)
Wide field view of the R Coronae Australis region The Oddest Member of the Leo Triplet La Silla Telescope Ring Evening view of Paranal and the VLT SEST in the Evening The VLT platform on top of Cerro Paranal Moonlit La Silla
SEST at Night An ALMA antenna en route to the plateau of Chajnantor for the first time The Centre of the Milky Way A binary black hole A Cometary Show Tarantula's Central Cluster, R136  Cosmic Spider: The Tarantula Nebula
Sky above Paranal Robert's Quartet Filaments in Tarantula The Central Area of the Tarantula Nebula Detail of Spiral Galaxy NGC 4945 The Dark Cloud Lupus 4 Paranal Auxiliary Telescope
Artist’s impression of the discs around the young stars HK Tauri A and B Gamma-ray burst buried in dust (artist’s impression) Chilean Night Sky Revealed at La Silla Artist’s impression of the planet Beta Pictoris b The Toby Jug Nebula as seen with ESO's Very Large Telescope  Bipolar planetary nebula NGC 6537 Belt of Venus over Cerro Paranal
ALMA from the Air The Milky Way above La Silla The Milky Way above La Silla Messier 100 — Grand Design Splendour The star cluster NGC 3766 Inside the Mirror Maintenance Building Mirror handling platform
Artist's conception of the future E-ELT Artist’s impression of the huge outflow ejected from the quasar SDSS J1106+1939 ALMA antenna at Chajnantor VST image of the Hercules galaxy cluster A Shadow at Sunrise The unusual double star SS Leporis Artists’s impression of one of more than 50 new exoplanets found by HARPS: the rocky super-Earth HD 85512 b
Superbubble LHA 120-N 44 in the Large Magellanic Cloud ESO's New Compact Laser Guide Star Unit Tested Huge storm on Saturn observed by ESO's Very Large Telescope The disturbed galactic duo NGC 3169 and NGC 3166 From One "Alien World" to Another Crash of the Titans Starry night at the Atacama Desert Coast
TRAPPIST First Light Image of the Spiral Galaxy Messier 83 Three ALMA antennas close together on Chajnantor SEST at La Silla at Sunset Assembly of a European ALMA Antenna The Hidden Engine of NGC 4945 Transporting an Auxiliary Telescope The Laser Guide System
NTT and ESO 3.6-metre telescopes APEX Antenna Atacama Pathfinder Experiment Laser Beam Creating an “Artificial” Star Laser Beam Creating an “Artificial” Star APEX Antenna Reflection Nebula around HD 87643
Material Surrounding the Black Hole Sagittarius A* Disc Around Young Star
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