Interferometry Task Force December 2005 SEST The Sombrero Galaxy VLT Platform A Supernova Duet in NGC 1448 The Trapezium Cluster La Silla Observatory
An ALMA antenna en route to the plateau of Chajnantor for the first time A plume on Betelgeuse (artist’s impression) The rim of RCW 86 A Curious Pair of Galaxies SN1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud The Starburst Spiral Galaxy NGC 1792 The ISAAC infrared images of Messier 16
Panoramic View of the Paranal Area* View Towards the Great Attractor Star-Forming Region RCW38 in the Milky Way La Silla Observatory Large Magellanic Cloud Captured Between a Unit Telescope Gazing at the Wonder of our Universe The star formation region NGC 2035 imaged by the ESO Very Large Telescope
Telescopes at ESO's first site in Chile: the La Silla Observatory ESO's Paranal Observatory: the VLT's Laser Guide Star and star trails Milky Way above ALMA The Paranal Observatory Paranal beneath the Milky Way Paranal Observatory at Night Paranal's landscape
Peering into the night Inside view of a VLT unit telescope Still from ALMA time-lapse video compilation 2012 Moon and Venus seen from ESO's Paranal Observatory A Galaxy Full of Surprises —  NGC 3621 is bulgeless but has three central black holes The Fried Egg Nebula First 7-metre ALMA Antenna Arrives at Chajnantor
First 7-metre ALMA Antenna Arrives at Chajnantor First 7-metre ALMA Antenna Arrives at Chajnantor First 7-metre ALMA Antenna Arrives at Chajnantor A spiral galaxy in Leo Smoke Signals in Space VST’s view of the Leo Triplet and beyond The brilliant star VFTS 682 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
On Top of the World Echinopsis Atacamensis and the Milky Way HAWK-I Instrument Spies a Super Galaxy Sunrise at Paranal The Desert around VISTA VLT Unit Telescope at Paranal SEST at La Silla from a Distance
Dying Star Puffs a Cosmic Dragon Recoating Yepun's mirror UT1 and ATs ALMA on the Chajnantor Plains Sunrise on Chajnantor Chajnantor The Southern Pinwheel
Gone with the Wind The Greater Dog from Paranal ALMA Antennas at Sunset Comet  West, 1976 VLT Laser Guide Star Spiral Galaxy NGC 1232 Black hole zapping a galaxy into existence
Nebula in Serpens The VLT and VISTA * Filaments in the Tarantula Nebula A Dusty Beauty N44 in the Large Magellanic Cloud (Central Region) Detail of Star-forming Region RCW 108 in Ara The final ALMA antenna arrives at Chajnantor
The star formation region Gum 41 ALMA antenna at night. ALMA time-lapse Milky Way Illuminating the VLT Platform ALMA and Chajnantor at Twilight Zodiacal Glow Lightens Paranal Sky ALMA Panoramic View with Carina Nebula
Bipolar planetary nebula Hubble 12 PESSTO Snaps Supernova in Messier 74 Stunning ALMA and NTT image of Newborn Star ALMA Antennae Desert from above 28 Antennae A Compact Array
Streaking Stars Images of gas cloud being ripped apart by the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way VLT image of exoplanet HD 95086 b Wings for Science Fly Over ALMA ALMA Pinpoints Early Galaxies Laser Guide Star Trails APEX's Icy Companions
Close-up view of NGC 6357 Cerro Armazones at dawn La Silla and surroundings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star The E-ELT on Cerro Armazones (artist's impression) The AEM antenna 2 Hidden Treasure on Our Doorstep
Panoramic View from Paranal The Glow of the Lagoon Nebula
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