Comet Lovejoy Startrails over the Atacama ALMA Dwarfed by Mountain Peaks Orion Watching Over ALMA Artist’s impression of a vampire star and its victim Artist’s impression of the quasar 3C 279 An ALMA Antenna on the Move
The NTT and the ESO 3.6-metre telescope All Around Chajnantor — A 360-degree panorama The crescent Moon and earthshine over ESO's Paranal Observatory VFTS 102: the fastest rotating star An image of the strange asteroid Lutetia from the ESA Rosetta probe GRAAL on a Quest to Improve HAWK-I's Vision VISTA view of the newly discovered globular cluster VVV CL001 and its brighter companion
Full-size mock-up of the E-ELT mirror Artist’s impression of galaxies at the end of the era of reionisation (artist’s impression) Council Room at the ESO Headquarters Artists’s impression of one of more than 50 new exoplanets found by HARPS: the rocky super-Earth HD 85512 b Closing in on a giant space blob Wide-field view of the sky around a giant space blob The most distant quasar
The E-ELT (artist's impression) Night Begins at Paranal Observatory Beta Pictoris b (artist’s impression) Cerro Armazones night-time panorama* VLT Unit and Auxiliary Telescope at Paranal SEST at La Silla An ALMA antenna on Chajnantor*
Zodiacal Light over La Silla Details of the VISTA Flame Nebula image Transporting an Auxiliary Telescope Evening view of Paranal and the VLT Road to La Silla Group Portrait of the VLT with Laser Beam Road to La Silla
La Silla Telescopes in Twilight Comet McNaught over the VLT platform ESO 3.6-metre telescope - The Dome Zodiacal Light at Paranal Cosmic Interactions Dust Cloud in a R CrB Star (Artist's Impression) Jets from a Brown Dwarf (artist's impression)
The Inner Winds of Eta Carinae A Cometary "Aurora" at Paranal VLT Auxiliary Telescope Asymmetric Ashes (artist's impression) The APEX Telescope New Brown Dwarf in the Solar Neighbourhood (Artist's Impression) Paranal Observing Platform with AT1 and AT2
East of Sinus Iridum Mare Humorum VLT Silhouettes Cosmic Fire Above Paranal Milky Way Hangs Above Paranal The Milky Way over Cerro Paranal Colourful VLT Panorama
A Site with a View Spot the Difference ALMA antennas on the Chajnantor Plateau Zodiacal Light over Paranal Cerro Armazones Llullaillaco dave-jones-18
Moonlight and Zodiacal Light Over La Silla Warehouses at Paranal View inside a VLT Unit Telescope Panoramic view inside the dome Atacama Nights Super-thin Mirror Under Test at ESO Sunset at Paranal Observatory
The globular cluster NGC 6388 observed by the European Southern Observatory Star trails over the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Two Planet-hunters Snapped at La Silla Winner of the Tweet Your Way to the VLT! anniversary competition The ESO 1.52-metre telescope Getting the VLT Ready for Even Sharper Images Cosmic dust clouds in Messier 78
Artist’s impression of the expected dark matter distribution around the Milky Way ALMA observes a ring around the bright star Fomalhaut Architect’s rendering of the new ESO Headquarters Extension (nighttime) The VLT four laser guide The VLT goes lion hunting Alignment of the VLTI ALMA antennas
Starry skies above La Silla First 7-metre ALMA Antenna Arrives at Chajnantor Galactic Bridge between Kueyen and Melipal Hiding in Plain Sight — the elusive Carina Dwarf Galaxy A Blood Moon over ESO’s Headquarters By the Light of the Moon OmegaCAM, the monster camera of the VLT Survey Telescope
The VLT Survey Telescope observing on a moonlit night A New Era for Astronomy Monuments of Science* IRAS 13481-6124 and its cradle Planet around Beta Pictoris Moving ALMA antennas to the Atacama Compact Array pads An infrared/visible comparison view of the Cat’s Paw Nebula
VLT Telescopes at Paranal VLT Auxiliary Telescope at Paranal at Sunset
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