The achievements of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have been possible partly thanks to constant support from its partners. On these pages you can find more information about the partnerships that ESO has had, or continues to have, as well as the opportunities available for collaborations.

Collaborations in Chile — the constant support of the Government of Chile, ESO’s host country, and the collaborative and constructive relationship with Chilean society and the local communities near to the observatories have enabled collaboration programmes to promote astronomy, science and education.

ESON — the ESO Science Outreach Network consists of representatives in ESO Member States and other countries that act as local contacts for the media in connection with ESO developments, press releases etc.

Photo Ambassadors — a network of night-sky photographers with special ties to ESO that the education and Public Outreach Department (ePOD) proudly has designated as ESO Photo Ambassadors.

ESO Outreach Partner Organisations — a network of education and public outreach organisations that have partnered up with ePOD in order to bring the ESO science and products at a more local level.

Informal Educators — ESO supports the activity of informal educators, including staff from planetariums and science centres, through a series of resources made available to them.

Volunteer Translators — a network of volunteer translators, making ESO's products available in different languages so that more people can benefit from them.