ESO Movie 22: Europe Reaches for the Stars

In 1954, a group of leading European astronomers signed a declaration to establish a joint research organisation capable of providing observing infrastructures that would enable European astronomy to regain the leading position it had enjoyed until the beginning of the 20th century. Eight years later, on October 5, 1962, this led to the international convention that created ESO.

Forty years later, ESO has established itself as one of the world's most important research centres for astronomy.

This video tells the story — all the way from the humble beginnings until today when ESO operates the most powerful optical/infrared telescope on Earth, the VLT, and ending with an overview of the exciting prospects for the near future (ALMA, OWL...). Prepared on the occasion of the 40th anniversary in October 2002.



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Release date:24 March 2010, 13:40
Duration:51 m 27 s
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