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19 October 1998

With the on-going commissioning of more and more elements of the Very Large Telescope Array at Paranal - Unit Telescopes and auxiliary instrumentation - it is expected that there will be an increased stream of news releases from ESO about important new scientific and technological results. In order to enable science editors working for television to benefit from this source in the most efficient way, ESO will from now on issue special Video News Reels (VNRs) with the latest news from ESO and the VLT project. All VNRs will be accompanied by detailed, written information about the images, including a shot list and suggested narration. The sound track will contain original sound, only.

ESO Video News Reels will normally be produced in conjunction with ESO Press Releases, providing additional background information.

ESO Video News Reels are produced specifically for broadcast use . They are available on VHS, Betacam SP and MII. The footage is free to air ("Conditions for Use of ESO Video Footage" are enclosed with the video tapes), if credit is given to the European Southern Observatory (© 1998).

The Video News Reels will be announced on the ESO homepage at the World-Wide Web and subscribers to the ESO e-mail press releases will be notified automatically. Please note, however, that the tapes are only available on request from the ESO EPR Department.

ESO Video News Reel 1 is published on October 19, 1998, and contains video material related to the recent work at the first 8.2-m VLT Unit Telescope (UT1). The main part is dedicated to the FORS instrument that was recently installed and tested at the Cassegrain focus of this telescope. There are sequences from Paranal and the testing of FORS, statements by one of the participating scientists about FORS and its performance, as well as some of the first images obtained with the new instrument.

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Release No.:eso9848
Legacy ID:Video 05/98
Name:Very Large Telescope
Type:Unspecified : Technology : Observatory
Facility:Very Large Telescope



Recent work at the first 8.2-m VLT Unit Telescope
Recent work at the first 8.2-m VLT Unit Telescope