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ESO in Chile - An Eye on Telescopes and People

A Photographic Exhibition at the ESO Headquarters, Garching

2 June 1997

Hans Hermann Heyer, professional ESO photographer at the Education and Public Relations Department in Garching, has prepared a remarkable exhibition of 45 photographs he obtained during two visits to ESO-Chile in 1996. It is on display at the ESO Headquarters until July 10, 1997.

These photos show the ESO installations and the people that work at these through the eyes of an artistic photographer, in a way that is quite different from those images usually published by ESO. The exhibition is divided into three geographical sections: The La Silla Observatory, Santiago de Chile and the Paranal Observatory. All are in B/W and many show dramatic light effects, so well supported by this particularly medium.

We show here four photos selected by the photographer, although these reproductions of course are far from doing justice to the originals. Nevertheless, they are representative of the note of the exhibition.

A list of the titles of the exhibition photos is available on an A4-sheet, together with the following statement by Hans Hermann Heyer :

The photographer truly hopes that you will enjoy this selection of pictures taken during visits to ESO's facilities in Chile in 1996. Of course, they reflect a very personal view of our observatory and it is not complete, either. Since these pictures were made, there has been much progress at Paranal. Still I hope to have caught some unique features and the special atmosphere of the places I visited.

There has already been a great interest in this exhibition and it is expected that it will soon travel to other sites, including ESO-Chile. Parties interested in more details may contact Hans Hermann Heyer directly via or the ESO EPR Dept. at the address below.

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Southern Milky Way over La Silla
Southern Milky Way over La Silla
Moon over the Andes
Moon over the Andes
Paranal Observatory: taking the bus to the mountain top
Paranal Observatory: taking the bus to the mountain top
Paranal Observatory: Unit Telescope no. 1
Paranal Observatory: Unit Telescope no. 1