ESO Calendar 2008

ESO has again produced a calendar for the year 2008, with beautiful astronomical images, unique pictures of ESO' s telescopes and breathtaking landscapes.

Lunar phases are also indicated.

The calendar measures 49 x 49 cm and has 14 pages, with a cardboard back.

Some of the pages of the calendar can be seen here.

Cover image description:In July 2006, ESO’s Very Large Telescope took images of a stellar firework in the galaxy NGC 1288: a star exploded as a supernova. The supernova - designated SN 2006dr - was then at its peak brightness, shining as bright as the entire galaxy itself, bearing witness to the amount of energy released. NGC 1288 is a rather spectacular spiral galaxy, seen almost face-on and showing multiple spiral arms pirouetting around the centre. It is located 200 million light-years away from our home Galaxy, the Milky Way. Two main arms emerge from the central regions and then progressively split into other arms when moving further away. A small bar of stars and gas runs across the centre of the galaxy. This FORS image was obtained with a total exposure time of 5 minutes only. The data were acquired by ESO's Paranal Science team and the final image was made by Henri Boffin, ESO.

This product is only available in electronic form.



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