Science in School: Issue 40 Now Available

15 June 2017

The latest issue of the free magazine Science in School is now available online and in printed form. This European journal for science teachers offers up-to-date information on cutting-edge science, teaching materials and projects in science education, interviews with inspiring scientists and teachers, reviews of books and other resources, and many other useful resources for science teachers. It aims to promote science teaching by encouraging communication between teachers, scientists and everyone else involved in European science education.

Some of the highlights of this issue include: an article looking at how structures in nature are inspiring the design of the buildings of the future; an interview with Nobel prizewinner Sir Paul Nurse; and an article looking at how the sensitivity needed to detect gravitational waves was achieved.

Practical teaching activities for the classroom include: exploring how chemistry and physics are used to solve crimes; and an activity about the spread of disease which highlights the practical applications of mathematics.

Science in School is published by EIROforum, a collaboration between eight European intergovernmental scientific research organisations, of which ESO is a member. The journal addresses science teaching both across Europe and across disciplines: highlighting the best in teaching and cutting-edge research. Article submissions for future issues are welcomed, whether from researchers giving a deeper understanding of a specific scientific topic or from teachers or other science educators describing innovative activities to introduce modern science into the classroom. You can read our guidelines for submissions here.

Numerous articles, as well as their translated versions in many European languages, can be found online. If you would like to volunteer to translate Science in School articles into your own language for publication online, please see the guidelines on the Science in School website.


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    Cover of Science in School issue No.40
    Cover of Science in School issue No.40