CAPjournal Issue 16 Now Available

The IAU’s journal on Communicating Astronomy with the Public

4 December 2014

The 16th issue of Communicating Astronomy with the Public journal is out now!

In this issue you will find articles discussing the value of science communication training for scientists, the best practices when looking for crowdfunding, the process of capturing the night sky in Ultra HD and the logic, or lack thereof, behind stripping astronomy engagement of its maths.

Plus, a column article describes the process behind writing a book that explains the physics of the Universe using only the most common thousand words in the English language.

There is all this, and more, in this free, peer-reviewed journal for astronomy communicators — now available for download



Georgia Bladon
Editor-in-Chief, CAPjournal
Garching, Germany
Tell: +44 7816291261

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Cover of CAPjournal issue 16
Cover of CAPjournal issue 16