CAPjournal 15 Now Available

The IAU’s journal on Communicating Astronomy with the Public

28 July 2014

The 15th issue of Communicating Astronomy with the Public journal is out now!

In this issue you will find articles that outline best practice for astronomy outreach with the visually impaired, with the elderly, with children and with audiences from around the world — from rural Mexico to downtown Tokyo, Japan.

Amongst the research articles there are resources on designing your own spectroscopy lab, building a do-it-yourself portable planetarium programme and using new analogies to bring the Universe down to a scale that can be better understood.

There is all this, and more, in this free, peer-reviewed journal for astronomy communicators — now available for download



Georgia Bladon
Editor-in-Chief, CAPjournal
Garching, Germany
Tell: +44 7816291261

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Cover of CAPjournal issue 15
Cover of CAPjournal issue 15