Science in School Issue 19 Out Now!

10 June 2011

The latest issue of Science in School, the European journal for science teachers, is now available online and in print. As with previous issues, number 19 is packed with inspiring science articles, classroom games, and hands-on activities.

The science news and educational projects featured in issue 19 cover topics that range from biology and chemistry to the environment, particle physics, and astronomy. An exciting article, about a planet of extragalactic origin that is now within our own galaxy, tells more of the story behind a recent ESO news item. The planet, detected by a European team of astronomers using the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope, orbits a star that originally belonged to a dwarf galaxy that was captured by the Milky Way.

Other articles cover topics including space habitats, DNA fingerprinting, the chemistry of amber, and why the famously bright yellows of van Gogh’s paintings are darkening over time.

Science in School is published by EIROforum, a collaboration between eight European intergovernmental scientific research organisations, of which ESO is a member. The journal addresses science teaching both across Europe and across disciplines: highlighting the best in teaching and cutting-edge research.


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Science in School issue 19
Science in School issue 19