ESOcast 19: Photographers of the Night

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15 July 2010

Behind the scenes at Paranal Observatory, some dedicated members of the ESO staff spend their own time photographing the skies above the observatory, taking advantage of the same conditions — the clear skies, and low light pollution — that make Cerro Paranal an ideal site for the world’s most advanced telescopes.

To give you an insight into astrophotography, ESO has just issued a new video podcast entitled “Photographers of the Night” that looks at the art of capturing images of the sky, illustrated by the work of three ESO employees, who are passionate photographers, and who brave the cold nights to take breathtaking snapshots of the sky with their digital cameras and telescopes.

The video is available in various formats, including HD, and can be watched at or downloaded from iTunes.


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ESOcast 19: Photographers of the Night
ESOcast 19: Photographers of the Night