Second PESSTO Catalogue Release

Published: 23 Aug 2017
Optical and NIR lightcurves for the PESSTO target SN2009ip.

New versions of the transient and photometric catalogues from the PESSTO Public Spectroscopic Survey have been released to complement the previously released DR3 spectra.

  • The PESSTO Transient Catalogue lists all the PESSTO sources for which meaningful spectral classifications have been obtained up to April 30, 2016 (1035 sources). It includes several parameters that scientifically characterise these transients and their host galaxies.
  • The Multi-Epoch Photometric Catalogue provides the lightcurves for 32 PESSTO targets whose follow-up lightcurves have been completed.

This PESSTO Public Survey data release (DR3.1) is accompanied by a Data Release Description of the spectra, images and of the transient catalogue. A dedicated Data Release for the photometric catalogue is also available. Instructions on how to read or display data in the ESO/SDP tabular data format can be found in the 1D spectrum data format help page. Note that this release also includes updated versions of 20 archived spectra, which were erroneously associated with a given transient in a host; this can occur when different transients occurred in the same host galaxy (see the "Previous Releases" section of the Release Description for more details).

Upper image: Optical and near-infrared lightcurves for the PESSTO target SN2009ip (reproduced from Fraser et al. 2015, MNRAS, 453, 3886; also see the Data Release for the photometric catalogue).