VPHAS+ Second Band-merged Catalogue Release

Published: 22 Aug 2017
VPHAS+ map of the released pointings

The second catalogue release from the ESO Public Survey, the VST Photometric H-alpha Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Bulge (VPHAS+), is now available via the Catalogue Facility. This band-merged catalogue covers about 1100 square degrees, corresponding  to 48% of the VPHAS+ footprint covering the southern Galactic Plane and is based on images acquired up to 30 March 2015.

VPHAS+ observations are carried out under ESO programme 177.D-3023. The VPHAS+ second catalogue release was generated by the data flow managed by the Wide Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU) in Edinburgh. It is accompanied by a comprehensive Phase 3 Data Release Description.

The released catalogue has a total volume of about 0.44 TB and provides aperture photometry for 529 million primary detections. These primary detections are supported by parameters providing information on the nature of each source detection.

Upper image: VPHAS+ map of the DR3-released pointings. Fields observed in all filters are shown in green. Red indicates where only H alpha/r/i data are included, and blue for u/g/r only. Grey dots indicate the footprint of the remaining survey. See Phase 3 Data Release Description.