Phase 3 Migration of SINFONI Spectra from the AMAZE Large Programme

Published: 21 Aug 2017
[O III] flux, velocity field & metallicity map for a galaxy from AMAZE

AMAZE (Assessing the Mass-Abundance redshift [z] Evolution) was a SINFONI Large Programme aimed at determining the mass-metallicity relation and galaxy dynamics in the redshift range 3 < < 5 (Programme ID 178.B-0838; PI: R. Maiolino). The full set of extracted 1-D FITS spectra from this survey were released in February 2011 and have now been migrated and ingested in the ESO Science Archive Facility.

The scientific goal of AMAZE is to determine gas metallicities by means of a combination of strong line diagnostics and to trace the kinematics of the gas in these high-redshift galaxies using SINFONI seeing-limited integral field spectroscopy. The migration via the Phase 3 infrastructure has enhanced the value of the data products by adding useful information in the FITS headers, and the resulting spectra are compliant with the ESO Science Data Products Standard (SDP). Each spectrum also comes with an associated preview and a summary table providing basic target information (e.g., coordinates, redshifts and magnitudes). 1-D reduced spectra and ancillary products can be downloaded via the Spectral Data Products Query Form.

More details about the release can be found in the accompanying Phase 3 Data Release Description.

Top image: AMAZE maps of [O III] flux, velocity field and metallicity for the galaxy SSA22a-M38 (Maiolino et al., 2010, The Messenger, 142, 36).

Lower image: Composite spectrum of the AMAZE galaxies showing the position of key emission lines (see Phase 3 Data Release Description).

Composite spectrum of the AMAZE galaxies