Period 99 Delta Call for VLTI Proposals

Published: 06 Apr 2017
Star trails over VLTI Auxiliary Telecopes

ESO is issuing a Delta Call, inviting proposals for VLTI time in July–September (Period 99B) with the Auxiliary Telescopes. Owing to a combination of circumstances, approximately 150 hours have become available for specific baselines in the date range 14 July – 23 September 2017 (see accompanying table).

The offered baselines are set by the P99 long-term schedule but some re-adjustments of this schedule may be possible. This will be evaluated by the Paranal Observatory based on the time requests in the Delta Call proposals recommended for time in P99B, while also accounting for constraints imposed by the technical and reconfiguration activities.

Proposals should be prepared using the Cycle 99B ESOFORM package, which can be downloaded via the User Portal. Please submit proposals using the online receiver for Cycle 99B, also accessible via the User Portal.

The deadline for proposal submission for this Delta Call is 27 April 2017, 12:00 CEST. The outcome of the proposal selection will likely be made known by the end of May. Phase 2 is expected to take place in June 2017.