Late Breaking News

13 December, 2012
A special deltacall for ISAAC proposals in Period 91 was announced with a deadline of 20 January 2013.
More details can be found in the ESO Electronic Newsletter Number 25.

20 September, 2012
CRIRES: A serious bug was identified in the sky background model of the CRIRES ETC version 3.2.17. It was replaced on 20.09.2012 by version 3.2.18. Results obtained with the previous version could be wrong, in particular for high airmass values.


18 September, 2012
SHFI: A new observing time calculator is now available for SHFI on-the-fly observations. This calculator should be used for all SHFI observations requesting this observing mode; all other SHFI observations should use the main SHFI calculator, which remains unchanged. Note that the LABOCA and SABOCA calculators do not distinguish between raster maps and on-the-fly maps and are therefore unchanged.


11 September, 2012
LABOCA: The LABOCA observing time calculator was updated to version 3.1 on 10 September. The update only affects the wobbler on-off mode; where the rms now includes the systematic uncertainties.
All LABOCA proposals using this photometric mode should use the new version of the calculator to compute the time requested. Please note that the mapping modes are not affected.