Abstracts 2003


December 10, 16:30 hr: Prof. Dainis DRAVINS (Lund Observatory & Visiting Scientist)
I. Radial Velocities without Spectroscopy, and New Diagnostics for Stellar Atmospheres

December 22, 11:30 hr: Dr. David BARRADO Y NAVASCUES (LAEFF, Madrid, Spain)
"Evidence for accretion in young brown dwarfs"


November 3, 16:30 hr: Dr. Antonella VALLENARI (Universita' di Padova)
"Kinematics of the stellar population towards the North Galactic Pole"

November 12, 16:30 hr: Dr. Carlos ABAD (Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia - CIDA, Merida, Venezuela & Visiting Scientist)
"A new interpretation of proper motions for dense and extensive astrometric catalogues"

November 17, 16:30 hr: Dr. Sofia FELTZING (Lund Observatory & Visiting Scientist)
"The origin of galactic thick disks - clues from detailed stellar abundance analysis"

November 20, 16:30 hr: Dr. Katherine BLUNDELL (University of Oxford, UK)
"The cosmological importance of radio galaxies and quasars"

November 24, 11:30 hr: Dr. Jose-Maria TORRELLES (ICE(CSIC)-IEEC, Barcelona, Spain)
"Isotropic ejections: a hidden link in early stellar evolution"

November 27, 16:30 hr: Dr. Enrico V. HELD (Padova Observatory & Visiting Scientist)
"The Phoenix dwarf, a laboratory for understanding dwarf galaxy evolution"


October 1, 16:30 hr: Dr. Alessandro PIZZELLA (Universita' di Padova)
"Central DM density cuspiness in LSB's: the stellar kinematics approach"

October 7, 16:30 hr: Dr. Holland FORD (Johns Hopkins University)
"The Advanced Camera for Surveys: Performance and Early Science Results"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

October 14, 16:30 hr: Dr. Emmanuel DARTOIS (IAS, Orsay & Visiting Scientist)
"Energetic processing and evolution of Ices in the ISM"

October 15, 11:30 hr: Dr. Chris TINNEY (Anglo-Australian Observatory)
"Developments at the AAO : Europe's Other Southern Observatory"

October 23, 16:30 hr: Dr. Boris DIRSCH (Universidad de Concepción)
"The globular cluster systems of NGC 1399 & NGC 4636 studied with wide-field photometry"

October 29, 16:30 hr: Dr. Sebastian ELS (ING, La Palma & Visiting Scientist)
"The adaptive optics suite at the William Herschel Telescope"


September 4, 11:30 hr: Dr. Paul VREESWIJK (ESO/Chile)
"GRB host-galaxies"

September 23, 16:30 hr: Dr. Richard DE GRIJS (University of Sheffield)
"Star and star cluster formation in extreme environments"

September 24, 11:30 hr: Dr. Markus KISSLER-PATIG (ESO/Garching)
"Overview of SINFONI capabilities"

September 29, 11:30 hr: Dr. Roberto DE PROPRIS (Mt. Stromlo Observatory)
"Galaxy evolution from the 2dF Galaxy redshift survey"


August 5, 14:30 hr: Dr. Paul SCHECHTER (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
"The milli- and micro-lensing of macrolensed quasars"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

August 13, 16:30 hr: Dr. Paolo TOZZI (INAF & Visiting Scientist)
"The 1 Megasec Observation of the Chandra Deep Field South"

August 29, 16:30 hr: Dr. Jean-Gabriel CUBY (ESO/Chile)
"News about VLT Instrumentation". See presentation here (PPT file)


July 1, 16:00 hr: Andreas LUNDGREN (ESO PhD student)
"Molecular gas in the barred spiral galaxy M83 - distribution and kinematics"

July 3, 16:30 hr: Dr. Annette FERGUSON (MPA Garching & Visiting Scientist)
"What Lurks at the Edges of Galactic Disks?"

July 10, 16:30 hr: Dr. Dave SILVA (ESO/Garching & ESO/Chile Visiting Scientist)
"Measuring K-band Spectral Indices in Fornax Ellipticals"

July 16, 16:30 hr: Dr. Paolo TOZZI (SISSA Trieste & ESO/Chile Visiting Scientist)
"Iron abundance in the Intra Cluster Medium up to z~1.2"

July 25, 16:30 hr: Dr. Jacco VAN LOON (Keele University, UK)
"Pulsation, dust formation and mass loss of AGB stars"


June 6, 15:30 hr: Dr. Vera C. RUBIN (Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA)
"A Brief History of Dark Matter"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

June 18, 16:30 hr: Dr. Remon CORNELISSE (University of Southampton, UK)

June 27 (Friday): "Resolved Stellar Populations"
Topical Meeting


May 7, 16:30 hr: Dr. Bruno LEIBUNDGUT (Director for Science, ESO/Garching)
"Mapping the expansion history with supernovae"

May 15, 16:30 hr: Dr. Linda J. TACCONI (MPI für extraterrestrische Physik)
"The Dynamical Evolution of Ultraluminous Mergers: Ellipticals and Quasars in Formation?"

May 23, 16:30 hr: Dr. Paul BUTLER (Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA)
"Extrasolar Planets"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

May 26, 11:30 hr: Dr. Markus NIELBOCK (ESO/Santiago)
"From the Stone age to Modern Times - A Revival of Ancient Observing Techniques"

May 29, 16:30: Dr. Myfanwy BRYCE (The University of Manchester)
"The Engraved Hourglass Planetary Nebula"


April 1, 16:30 hr: Dr. Shri KULKARNI (Caltech, USA)
"Gamma Ray Bursts: The Brightest Explosions in the Universe"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

April 3, 16:30 hr: Dr. Andre MAEDER (Geneva Observatory & Visiting Scientist)

April 8, 11:30 hr: Dale KOCEVSKI (University of Hawaii)
"Clusters in the Zone of Avoidance"

April 14, 16:30 hr: Dr. Rolf CHINI (Bochum University & Visiting Scientist)
" A SIMBA / TIMMI survey of Bok globules"

April 16, 16:30 hr:Dr. Gautier MATHYS (ESO/Santiago)
"Rotation and properties of A- and B-type chemically peculiar stars"

April 21, 11:30 hr: Dr. Bertrand GOLDMAN (New Mexico State University)
"EROS 2 proper motion survey and halo white dwarfs"

April 24, 17:00 hr: Dr. Hans ZINNECKER (Astrophysikalisches Inst. Potsdam & Visiting Scientist)
"Major Unsolved Problems of Star Formation"

April 30, 16:30 hr: Dr. William TOBIN (University of Canterbury & Visiting Scientist)
"L�on Foucault's invention of the modern reflecting telescope"


March 10, 11:30 hr: Dr. Henry LEE (MPIA Heidelberg)
"The Current Health of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster"

March 11-14, 2003:
"First Decadal Review of the Edgeworth-Kuiper-Belt - Towards New Frontiers"

March 13, 16:30 hr: Prof. Michel MAYOR (Geneva Observatory)
"Statistical Properties of Exoplanets"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

March 19, 16:30 hr: Dr. Giovanna TEMPORIN (University of Innsbruck & Visiting Scientist )
"Galaxy evolution in Compact Groups: Two case studies"

March 24, 16:30 hr: Dr. Andre MAEDER (Geneva Observatory & Visiting Scientist)

March 26, 16:30 hr: Dr. Alfonso ARAGON-SALAMANCA (University of Nottingham)


February 5, 16:30 hr: Dr. Renato FALOMO (Padova Observatory & Visiting Scientist)
"Black Holes of radio loud active galaxies"

February 12, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gian-Luca ISRAEL (Rome Observatory & Visiting Scientist)
"Results from simultaneous VLT and X-ray observations of RXJ0806.4+1527: a 5min orbital period double degenerate binary system"

February 19, 16:30 hr: Dr. Elisabetta DOTTO (INAF & Visiting Scientist)
"Unveiling the nature of the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt beyond the orbit of Neptune"

February 28, 16:30 hr: Dr. Didier QUELOZ (Geneva Observatory)
"HARPS : the new planet searching machine"


January 10, 16:30 hr: Dr. Sandro D'ODORICO (ESO/Garching & Visiting Scientist )
"The x-shooter: a possible 2nd generation VLT instrument, Recent results on chemical abundances of DLAs from UVES"

January 13, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gerard DAIGNE (Bordeaux Observatory)
"All-sky surveys and optical interferometers in the future astrometry"

January 16, 16:30 hr: Dr. Andrew COLLIER-CAMERON (University of St Andrews)
"Reflected-light spectroscopy of extrasolar giant planets"

January 22, 16:30 hr: Dr. Bruno ALTIERI (ESA & Visiting Scientist)
"Resolving the cosmic mid-infrared background"

January 28, 16:30 hr: Dr. Javier LICANDRO (La Palma Observatories & Visiting Astronomer)
"Near IR spectroscopy of icy minor bodies using NICS@TNG"