I-TRAIN #9: Stacking spectra in the image domain with LineStacker

Published: 07 Oct 2021

The European ARC Network invites users to an online training on using the software tool LineStacker. The session will be held on Friday October 15th, 2021, 11:00 CEST [Zoom link]. Line-Stacker (Jolly et al. 2020) is a new tool for stacking of spectral lines that can stack both 3D cubes or already extracted spectra. 

Additional tools are included to help further analyse stacked spectra and stacked sample. This tutorial will consist of a live demo of this tool. To follow along with the live demo, make sure you install the latest version of the package and a CASA version <5.0 according to instructions. If you would like to request remote computing access, please contact the Nordic ARC at contact@nordic-alma.se.

The duration of this training session will be about one hour and will include an interactive Q&A session. For questions do not hesitate to contact the Nordic ARC node at contact@nordic-alma.se.

Note: The tutors' presentation will be recorded and an edited version of the recording will be posted in the Science Portal [https://almascience.eso.org/tools/eu-arc-network/i-train] after the session. The interactive Q&A will not be recorded.

Tutor: Jean Baptiste Jolly