European ALMA Regional Centre


The European ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) provides the interface between the ALMA project and the European science community. It supports its users mainly in the areas of proposal preparation, observation preparation, data reduction, and data analysis.

Unlike its partner ARCs in North America and Japan, the European ARC is organized as a coordinated network of scientific support nodes distributed across Europe. The central node is located at ESO Headquarters in Garching bei München and carries the responsibility for all the core ARC activities as well as the coordination of the additional science support provided by the regional nodes and centres of expertise.

The European ARC is the point of contact for European ALMA users from the moment of proposal submission to the actual distribution of calibrated data and subsequent analysis via the ALMA Helpdesk.

Funding for face-to-face support at one the European ALMA Regional Centre nodes is available for ALMA Users. Users wishing to apply for MARCUs funding should fill out the form, in addition to submitting a ALMA Helpdesk ticket.


European ARC nodes

European ARC nodes

The central European ARC node is located at the ESO headquarters in Garching bei München. A distributed network of ARC nodes is being set up to provide services to the community. ARC nodes are currently set up throughout Europe at the following locations:


Country: Germany
Contact person: Frank Bertoldi
Expertise: advanced data analysis and modeling (including Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy), polarimetry, zero-spacings correction for continuum data
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Country: Italy
Contact person:Jan Brand
Expertise: Data handling/GRID-technology, Mosaicing, Coordinating surveys/key-projects, Polarimetry
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Countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland
Contact person: Carmen Toribio
Expertise: Multi-Frequency Synthesis, Phase modeling, Self-calibration, Astrometry, Deconvolution, GRID computing, Astrochemical modelling and radiation transfer

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IRAM, Grenoble

Countries: France, Spain, Germany
Contact person: Frédéric Gueth
Expertise: Calibration, Phase correction, Polarimetry, Imaging simulator, Schools
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Allegro, Leiden

Country: The Netherlands
Contact person: Michiel Hogerheijde
Expertise: High-frequency, High-resolution, Atmospheric corrections, mmVLBI, and Molecular line analysis tools
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Country: United Kingdom
Contact person: Tom Muxlow
Expertise: Data analysis, Archive, Data reduction heuristics, Proposal preparation, Multi-Frequency-Synthesis and Wide-field & high-dynamic range imaging
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Countries: Czech Republic
Contact person: Pavel Jachym
Expertise: Solar and (extra)galactic astrophysics, Laboratory measurements of molecular spectral lines, Observation planning, Data quality check, Data storage and processing, Data reduction using CASA
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European Centres of Expertise

PACE, Lisbon

Countries: Portugal
Contact person: J. Afonso
Expertise: Extra-galactic astrophysics, Planetary atmospheres
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Would you like more information on the European ARC and the services provided? Download the Guide to the European ARC.


Please direct any questions or comments to the ALMA Helpdesk. Detailed technical information about ALMA, including software download and documentation can be found at the ALMA Science Portal.

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