ALMA Operation Support Facility in Ramp-up phase

Published: 14 Nov 2020

ALMA started the ‘Operation Support Facility (OSF) Ramp-up phase’ on 21 October. During this phase, the focus of the recovery is on returning to normal services at the Operations Support Facility, including food service, opening of labs and offices, and the confirmation of the stability of critical services.

The total duration of this phase is expected to be approximately 50 days, contingent on the gate reviews, after which the Array Operations Site Phase 1 should commence, starting with the technical building and associated infrastructure, before moving to the final phase of powering and recovering antenna elements. ALMA is stepping through a number of carefully defined phases as part of the Return-To-Operation (RTO) procedure, following the philosophy of Chile’s paso-a-paso (step-by-step) return to normal life within the Country.