Vacancy Notice: ALMA Regional Centre Astronomer

Published: 09 Dec 2021
N159 in LMC: Herschel image & SEPIA spectra

For its ALMA Regional Centre at the Headquarters in Garching near Munich, Germany, ESO is opening the position of:

ALMA Regional Centre Astronomer

The closing date for receipt of applications to be considered for the position is 6 February, 2022. For more information, please see the full vacancy announcement on the ESO Recruitment Portal website.

The ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) department at ESO provides the interface between the European ALMA Users Community and the ALMA observatory in Chile. Its mission is to achieve, promote, and provide high-caliber support to the ALMA user community and to ALMA Observatory global operations, including coordinated delivery of software. To provide quality-assured, high-quality data products for PIs and archive users, within target time-windows. To facilitate ALMA science performed by expert and non-expert users alike via coordination of user support.

The ARC is looking for an astronomer with a strong research profile in radio or millimetre astronomy. The candidate should have a strong interest and demonstrated abilities to maximize ALMA's science output through conducting expert user support and operations support tasks. As the ARC astronomer they will contribute to core ARC duties, in particular to those related to user-facing activities including project tracking, the phase 2 process and quality assurance. In addition, the candidate should demonstrate scientific leadership and vision to conduct high-impact independent research.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Play a key role in ALMA user-facing activities, including providing scientific guidance into tool development and Phase 2 support.
  • Perform general ARC duties, including answering helpdesk tickets and undertaking astronomer-on-duty shifts in Chile.
  • Proactively propose improvements of existing processes and documentation and suggest new methods to increase quality and efficiency of ARC services.
  • Constructively work together with other ARC staff and ALMA operations staff around the globe.
  • Contribute to the development of training material for ALMA users.
  • As an astronomer and member of the ESO Astronomy Faculty, you will be expected and encouraged to conduct a strong personal research programme and to participate actively in the scientific life of ESO. This includes the interaction and possible supervision of students and maintaining relations with other parts of the wider organisation. Up to 50% of your time will be available for research activities.
  • The tasks are not limited to the above and a flexible approach and willingness to adapt is required.

For more information, please see the full vacancy announcement on the ESO Recruitment Portal website.