Supplemental Call for Proposals to use the ALMA 7-m Array in Cycle 4

Published: 06 Apr 2017

The ALMA Director announces that the Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) will accept observing proposals that request to use the 7-m Array in the remainder of Cycle 4, which ends on 30 September 2017. This proposal call enables the community to propose projects that will fill in undersubscribed regions of the observing queue for the 7-m Array. Up to 800 hours on the 7-m Array will be allocated through this opportunity.

Proposals must be compatible with the capabilities listed in the ALMA Cycle 4 Call for Proposals, with the following restrictions:

  1. Proposals for this special call will be accepted only for the 7-m Array in stand-alone mode. Proposals that request the Total Power (TP) Array or the 12-m Array will be declined.
  2. A proposal may request up to 50 hours of observing time on the 7-m Array. We encourage large time requests within this limit.
  3. Proposals will be accepted in Bands 3, 4, 6, and 7 for any LST, except between LST of 15 h and 20 h in Bands 6 and 7. The largest amount of time available in any band is at an LST of > 22 h and < 13 h
  4. Only proposals that request standard modes are permitted, as defined in the ALMA Cycle 4 Proposer’s Guide.

Proposals can be submitted starting 21 April, 2017 and will be reviewed as they are received. Instructions on how to submit a proposal through the ALMA Observing Tool (OT) will be made available on the ALMA Science Portal on 21 April. Proposals can be submitted at any time up until the end of Cycle 4 or until the available time has been fully allocated. An announcement will be posted on the ALMA Science Portal when this opportunity closes.

For comprehensive information of this Supplemental Call for Proposals to use the 7-m Array in Cycle 4, please consuilt the ALMA Science Portal page.