Postdoctoral Research Position at the ARC node at IRAM

Published: 27 Jun 2016

IRAM invites applications for a postdoctoral research position at the ARC node in Grenoble.  The successful candidate is expected to invest 50% of the time on personal astronomical research and 50% on support activities. The position offers the opportunity for astronomers to work with world-class research facilities and pursue their career in a very dynamic and competitive field of research. IRAM's research program covers a wide range of subjects from ISM chemistry, planetary science, young stellar objects, late stage stellar evolution, to extragalactic research at low and high redshift.

IRAM is an international research organization for (sub)millimeter astronomy supported by the CNRS (France), the Max-Planck Gesellschaft (Germany), and the IGN (Spain). IRAM operates the two most powerful (sub)mm-research facilities of the northern hemisphere, the 30-meter telescope (in Spain) and NOEMA (in France), and in collaboration with a consortium of European institutes, it operates one of the ALMA support nodes (IRAM ARC, Grenoble) for the scientific and technical support of the European ALMA community.

For more details please check the IRAM Web page with the job offer.


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