Bi-weekly meetings

The Extragalactic Research Group meets every other week, on Fridays at 16:00. We alternate between the Atenea room, in the ESO Vitacura main building, and the Miscanti & Tatio rooms in the JAO/ALMA building across the lawn. The goal of these meetings is to provide a relaxed, informal atmosphere to present recent results, plots, papers, methods, etc. in an environment that fosters open discussion. Our schedule is shown below. If you are visiting ESO-Chile and wish to present results in one of our meetings, please contact Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mateos or Daniel Espada.

Meetings in 2015

Date Venue
Speaker Topic
Dec 11 ESO Vardha Bennert Towards an Understanding of the Black Hole Mass Scaling Relations
Dec 4 ESO Juan Cortes Can we get the distance to Early-Type Galaxies using Stellar kinematics?
Dec 4
ESO Callum Bellhouse Untangling Jellyfish: Studying Ram-Pressure Stripped Galaxies with MUSE and GASP
Nov 6 ALMA Paulo Cortes Review of the 'Magnetic Field in the Universe V' Conference
Oct 23
ESO Thomas H. Puzia Next Generation Fornax Survey
Oct 9 ALMA Celia Verdugo Star formation in low gas density and low metallicity environments
Sep 25 ESO Joe Anderson The All-weather MUse Supernova Integral field Nearby Galaxies (AMUSING) survey
Sep 11 ALMA Steffen Mieske Super-massive black holes in Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Aug 14 ALMA Rüdiger Kneissl The brightest star-forming Environments in the high redshift Universe
Jul 17 ALMA Catherine Vlahakis First Science Results with ALMA at Long Baselines
Mar 20 ESO Patricia Sanchez-Blazquez Comparison of resolved and unresolved stellar populations
Feb 13
ESO Tomonari Michiyama Physical Properties of Molecular Gas Outflow in NGC3256

Meetings in 2014

Date Venue
Speaker Topic
Dec 19 ESO Tommy Wiklind Morphology and star formation across cosmic time
Nov 21 ALMA Daniel Asmus Why is there a tight correlation between the infrared and X-ray emission of all active galactic nuclei?
Nov 7 ESO Evelyn Johnston Disentangling bulge and disc star-formation histories of lenticular galaxies
Oct 24 ALMA George Hau Kinematics of shell galaxies
Oct 10 ESO Dimitri Gadotti Galaxy Masses as Constraints of Formation Models: meeting summary
Sep 26 ALMA Stephane Leon What can be done with ALMA archive? Case study of a blazar
Sep 12 ESO Linda Watson The Molecular Gas - Star Formation Connection in XUV Disks
Aug 29 ALMA --- ---
Aug 14 ESO Alfredo Zenteno Galaxy populations study of the most massive galaxy clusters selected with the South Pole Telescope
Aug 1 ALMA Bruno Altieri The reversal of the star formation - density relation
July 18 ESO Jennifer Donovan-Meyer Dwarf Galaxies and Extended Disks: Star Formation in Low Gas Density Environments
July 4 ALMA Rie Miura Star Formation Law in the Nearby Galaxy M33
June 20 ESO  ---  ---
June 6
Catrina Diener
Overview over zCOSMOS, high-z groups, follow up projects
May 23
Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos
Public data products of the S4G survey
April 17
 ALMA  ---  ---
April 3 ESO  Francesca Fragkoudi The effect of boxy/peanut bulges on galaxy models and on bar strength
March 20
ALMA   ---  ---
March 6
 ESO Joe Anderson
Type II-Plateau supernovae as metallicity probes of the Universe

Meetings in 2013

Date Speaker Topic
November 28 Baltasar Vila Vilro TBD
November 14 Juan Carlos Munoz Mateos Correcting for dust extinction without FIR data
October 17 Tommy Wiklind Combining ALMA and HST to pinpoint the properties of submillimeter galaxies
October 10
Rebeca Aladro Linking the physical and chemical properties of molecular gas in the nuclei of galaxies
September 5 Anna Sippel Globular cluster systems: metallicity, size and colour
August 22 Sergio Martin NGC 1097 as seen by ALMA
August 8 Jens-Kristian Krogager New Light on Damped Lyα Absorbers at z>2
June 13 Manuel Aravena Studying the brightest and most distant SMGs with SPT, ALMA and ATCA
May 30 Bruno Dias Tidal interactions between the Magellanic system and the Milky Way
May 16 Christoph Saulder A summary of the latest results from the Planck mission
May 2 Manuel Aravena Cancelled
April 18 Gabe Brammer A tentative z ~ 12 galaxy
April 4 Rubén Sanchez Dwarf galaxy interactions as the origin of synchronous startbursts, young massive star clusters and extended tidal tails in the UGC 5205 close pair


March 21


Mirko Krumpe


The Chandra/AKARI NEP survey: search for Compton-thick accretion

March 7 Dimitri Gadotti Overview on meeting about E-ELT Science and Instrumentation