ALMA and ESO fellowship opportunities in Chile and Garching

Published: 25 Sep 2023
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The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) is offering a postdoctoral fellowship position to join the ALMA science operations group in Santiago, Chile. The goal of this fellowship is to offer young scientists the opportunity to enhance their research programs through involvement in science activities and interactions with experienced staff at the world's foremost observatory for sub-mm astronomy. The application deadline is 31/10/2023.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) invites applications for the ESO Fellowship Programme 2023/2024. The Programme is designed to help early career scientists to develop their independent research programmes and successfully reach the next step of their scientific careers. The application deadlines are 15/10/2023 for the ESO-Chile and ESO-Germany Fellowship Programmes, respectively.

ALMA Postdoctoral Fellowship

ALMA Postdoctoral Fellows are appointed for a period of three years and spend 50% of their time dedicated to their personal scientific research. The remaining time is spent in support of ALMA operations, including observing at the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF) near San Pedro de Atacama for hands-on interaction with the telescope. More information on the fellowship can be found here.

The ESO Fellowship Programme: ESO-Chile

ESO Fellowships in Chile are granted for 4 years. During the first three years, the Fellows are assigned duties within one of the Science Operation groups of Paranal or ALMA, where they contribute to observatory operations at a level of 80 nights per year, corresponding to 50% of their working time. ESO Chile Fellows may choose to spend the fourth year at any astronomy/astrophysics institute in an ESO member state or ESO's strategic partner, Australia. More information on the fellowship can be found here.

The ESO Fellowship Programme: ESO-Germany

ESO Fellowship positions in Garching are of 3 years duration. In addition to developing their independent research programmes, ESO Garching Fellows are expected to engage in functional work for 25% of their time. During this fraction of time, fellows are trained in crucial areas of high-level technology and/or actively participate and contribute to ESO projects, which they select from activities proposed by different departments. More information on the fellowship can be found here.