Early deadline for GMVA+ALMA proposals

Published: 29 Jan 2023
Sample Band 1 Spectral Line ALMA VLBI Results
Band 1 (7 mm) spectral line VLBI results from a test conducted on October 4, 2022 with phased ALMA and the VLBA. Data are shown from a 4-minute test scan on the massive young stellar object Orion Source I on the 4431 km baseline between ALMA and St. Croix. Left: Cross-correlation spectrum of the SiO v=1, J=1−0 line in a mixed (X-R) polarization basis. The lower panel shows amplitude (uncalibrated units) vs. frequency (in GHz) and the upper panel plots phase (in degrees) vs. frequency. Right: Fringe rate spectrum derived from a strong spectral feature at 43.124 GHz.

The ALMA Cycle 10 Pre-Announcement was recently released. As a reminder, Principal Investigators who wish to submit a proposal to ALMA for Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observations in ALMA Bands 1 or 3 made in concert with the Global mm-VLBI Array (GMVA) at 7mm and 3 mm must also submit a proposal to the GMVA by its 1 February 2023 deadline. More information can be found here.

The figure demonstrates the results from one of the successful Band 1 ALMA - VLBA baseline test results. Proposals that employ this exciting new capability are encouraged.