QA0+ results now available from SnooPI

Published: 31 Jan 2022

QA0+ results are now available for PIs from SnooPI in the QA0 report, which can be found in the Scheduling Blocks (SB) detailed view.

QA0+ is one of the stages of Quality Assurance (QA) which runs a simplified and rapid scripted calibration and imaging pipeline of the channel-averaged data, producing continuum-only images of the science target, phase calibrator, and check source.

As well as the images, QA0+ also provides the beam size and shape for different robust parameters (from the phase calibrator), and the science target image peak and integrated flux, and image RMS (for more information, please read Sec. 11.3 of the ALMA Technical Handbook). 

QA0+ results are only to be used as a guide to assess the data quality, and are not for scientific use.

The original announcement can be found on the ALMA Science Portal.