Calibrated data available to all European users

Published: 19 Jan 2021

The European ARC CalMS service provides Calibrated Measurement Sets (MSs) for ALMA archive data for all users who request them. All European users are encouraged to make use of this service that has succesfully provided more than 500 MSs since October 2019.

Since the beginning of Cycle 7, the EU ARC has been offering to its users the CalMS (calibrated MeasurementSet) service. If users, for any reason, do not want or are not able to generate the MSs on their own computers, they can simply file a helpdesk ticket in the "Archive and Data Retrieval (EU)" department and select the "Data request" sub-category. The user only has to enumerate in the ticket the MOUS UIDs (e.g.  uid___A001_X340_X6 or uid://A001/X340/X6) of up to ten MOUSs of interest.

EU ARC personnel will feed the request into the automated CalMS system which will retrieve the archival data and generate the calibrated MS(s) using the appropriate CASA version. The system will stage the MSs for the user on a web server and for each MOUS, the user will receive an email with a download link which remains valid for 28 days. Typical waiting time is up to a few days. The processing is done on the EU ARC cluster on a first come first serve basis.

So far (19 Jan 2021), 87 different scientist have successfully made use of the service and MSs for 539 MOUSs have been provided. We encourage all European users to try CalMS.