I-TRAIN #6: Improving image fidelity through self-calibration

Published: 08 Mar 2021
revealing a dust disc harbouring a planet round an AGB star (Credit: Kervella)

The I-TRAIN session in May will serve as a tutorial on self-calibration of ALMA data. The session will be held online on Tuesday May 25, 2021, 11:00 CEST [Zoom link]. In this session you will learn how to self-calibrate your interferometric images to improve their image fidelity. In particular, you will learn criteria to decide whether to self-calibrate, what preparation is needed, how to choose parameter values - and when to stop - and thus, how to improve the image dynamic range and bring faint details out of the noise.

Some preparations will be needed to follow this tutorial in full. Before the session, attendees will be requested to follow some instructions. Instructions will consist of downloading a dataset and installing a compatible CASA version and will be made available in the  Science Portal at least a week in advance. Presentation slides will be made available in the Science Portal the day before the session. 

The duration of this training session will be about two hours and will include a live demo and an interactive Q&A. The first hour will be an interactive tutorial and demonstration. The second hour will be devoted to Q&A, advanced techniques and special cases. For questions do not hesitate to contact us at contact@nordic-alma.se.

Note: The tutors' presentation will be recorded and an edited version of the recording will be posted in the Science Portal after the session. The interactive Q&A will not be recorded.