Job Advertisement at ESO: Software Engineer for the ALMA Science Archive

Published: 15 Apr 2020
The new archive query interface of ALMA

ESO is looking for a software engineer to join the Data Flow Infrastructure (DFI) group in the Science Operations Software (SCS) department of the Directorate of Engineering. The DFI group is responsible for the development and maintenance of software tools which are critical for the end-to-end operations of the ESO observatories.

The deadline for applications is the 17th of May. More information and instructions on how to apply are provided on the recruitment portal.

The successful candidate will work as part of the ALMA Archive Services team on the development and maintenance of a suite of software tools supporting the ALMA Archive. The successfull candidate will frequently interact with the Subsystem Scientists for the specification and the validation of the tools. In collaboration with the observatory staff and colleagues in the Data Flow Infrastructure group, the successfull candidate will be able to operate independently, meet the agreed deadlines and proactively contribute to on-going process improvements. Main duties will be the following:

  • Improvements and additional functionality for the Archive query interface (ASA explorer: ASAX), including the ability to display previews, CARTA integration, Virtual Observatory services and general usability improvements;
  • Rewrite of the user-interface of the ALMA RequestHandler, integrating it fully into the ASAX;
  • Refactoring of the ALMA Data Processing Toolchain component ProMo that is responsible for transferring science pipeline products from the ALMA Regional Centres to the observatory, and for triggering additional data processing steps;
  • Technical debt reduction of NGAS, the bulk-data ingestion software, DataPacker, and DataTracker.

For more information have a look at the recruitment portal