EU request for calibrated data

Published: 20 Sep 2019
Helpdesk request

By popular demand, the EU ARC has implemented a service which permits ALMA users to request the calibrated data for a given dataset (Member Obs Unit Set, MOUS) to be made available for download. The service is open both for ALMA PIs or Delegees with proprietary ALMA data and for archival users wanting to use datasets for which the proprietary time has expired.

Available from 1 October 2019.

If you have identified a particular MOUS that you want to investigate, please file a normal Helpdesk ticket in the department "Archive and Data Retrieval (EU)" and select the "Data request" sub-category.

In the body of the text always specify the project code (e.g. 2015.1.09999.S, one per ticket) and  MOUS UID(s) (e.g. uid://A001/X340/X6 or uid___A001_X340_X6). You can enumerate up to 10 MOUSs in your request. The MOUS can be found in SnoopPI, or via the archive.

The creation and staging will be done one MOUS at a time and you will be notified *by separate email for each MOUS* as to where you can download the tarred MS(s). Depending on the workload on the EU ARC systems, it may take days before your dataset is ready for you.

Your download link will remain valid for 28 days, which means that you have 28 days from the time of the notification email to download the data.