ALMA Cycle 7 ACA Supplemental Call for Proposals

Published: 09 Sep 2019
12m dish with the ACA

ALMA Cycle 7 ACA Supplemental Call for Proposals is now open

The Supplemental Call is open to Regular Proposals (i.e., no Large Programs) without time constraints that propose to use standard observing modes, as allowed for ACA stand-alone proposals in the Main Call. Proposals may request to use the 7-­m array only or the 7­-m array plus Total Power array. It is anticipated that approximately 2500 hours on the 7-m array will be scheduled in the Supplemental Call. For more information please visit the dedicated ACA Supplemental Call page.

All proposals accepted in the Cycle 7 Supplemental Call will receive priority Grade “C” and will have lower observing priority than ACA proposals accepted in the Cycle 7 Main Call. Differently to the Main Call, proposals submitted in the Supplemental Call will be peer reviewed using a distributed system in which each proposal team selects a designated reviewer to participate in the review process. Each submitted proposal will be ranked by ten reviewers, and the final rank-ordered list of proposals will be determined by an average of the reviewer rankings.  

The ALMA Cycle 7 proposal submission deadline is 15:00 UT on Tuesday, 1 October 2019.

ALMA Cycle 7 is currently scheduled from October 2019 to September 2020. Since the Supplemental Call will follow the Main Call by five months, the Supplemental Call will maximize the scientific output of the ACA by allowing more timely science to be proposed. Proposals accepted in the Supplemental Call will be scheduled for observations between January 2020 and September 2020.