Vacancy Notice: Observatory System Engineer

Published: 14 Mar 2019
Otto and Antennas

For the JAO Department of Science Operations (DSO) in Santiago and the OSF in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, the ALMA Observatory is opening the position of

Observatory System Engineer

The closing date for receipt of applications to be considered for the position is 8 April, 2019

The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) is seeking an experienced engineer to provide strategic, technical guidance to ALMA, specifically aspects of the ALMA Development Program and other Observatory improvements, system engineering for the long-term health of the observatory and its assets, and problem investigation for issues spanning a broad range of technical areas of ALMA.  

The Observatory System Engineer is responsible for the strategic guidance of ALMA system engineering from development and improvements to system health/performance. The Observatory System Engineer will report to the ALMA Deputy Director and will be a member of the JAO's Core Management Team where it is expected that he/she will make key contributions to the strategic planning, policy development and implementation, as well as the overall decision-making at the JAO, ensuring that these include the proper consideration of the long-term technical viability of the Observatory and allow for development of the Observatory's capabilities.

The Observatory System Engineer also plays a critical role ALMA-wide, participating in the Integrated Engineering Team and coordinating System Engineering activities throughout the ALMA regions. The Observatory System Engineer will, in coordination with technical teams in the regions, interact with the technical communities world-wide in effort to further ALMA's technical capabilities.


  1. Ensure engineering integrity, quality, maintenance methodologies, and development of the array in regards to system engineering.
  2. Lead technical evaluation of upgrades to the Observatory, including both basic improvements and major developments, based on analyses of the system level performance. This includes review of proposals and their subsequent implementation.
  3. Assure maintenance to a high level of all assets for the life of the Observatory by means of, for example, defining and updating corrective maintenance processes and advocating for effective preventive maintenance.
  4. Lead investigation of system-level and intractable faults.
  5. Coordinate the implementation of multi-region and/or multi-discipline development projects.
  6. Develop and maintain the system verification procedures.
  7. Develop and maintain the system performance budgets as well as simulation tools for the same.

For more details on submitting an aplication to ESO, please see the full vacancy announcement on the ESO Recruitment Portal website.