ESO Public Spectroscopic Surveys with ARO telescopes: Final Call for Proposals

Published: 01 Jul 2018

ESO has issued the final call for proposals to conduct Public Spectroscopic Surveys using the Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO) telescopes as part of an agreement with the University of Arizona. The deadline for submitting Public Survey proposals for ESO ARO time is 27 September 2018.

Up to 2000 hours of observing time will be available in this call. Detailed information on the Public Spectroscopic Surveys with the ARO telescopes is available here, together with a LaTeX template for proposal submission. Note the availability of the new ARO Wideband Spectrometer (AROWS) at the 12-metre AEM antenna, allowing two 4 GHz wide intermediate frequencies (IFs) to be recorded. The final list of available receivers and backends will to be announced on the ARO pages at the end of August 2018.

In particular, proposers should note that Public Surveys aim to answer a major scientific question that is of general use and broad interest to the astronomical community. In addition, the survey team is expected to make a fully reduced and scientifically usable data set publicly available within a defined timeframe.