The Future of High-Resolution Radio Interferometry in Space

Published: 25 Jun 2018

Workshop Announcement: The Future of High-Resolution Radio Interferometry in Space - Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Sep 5 and  6, 2018

The main goal of this workshop is to identify the science case for a next generation space radio interferometry mission. Such a mission should offer unique opportunities for studies of extreme physical phenomena with unprecedented image resolution and quality.

Recent technological and scientific advances as well as the upcoming US decadal review and mission opportunities elsewhere bring space interferometers back in the focus. The workshop will discuss the science case for the next generation radio interferometers in space, particularly at long baseline. All avenues of space VLBI will be considered, up to and including THz frequencies, and eventual large-scale fully space-based VLBI arrays. Also, the overlap with shorter space-space baselines will be considered, as they may be realized with comparable technology. This first meeting in Europe will emphasize the science goals and science requirements to be followed by a second workshop in the US, which will emphasize technical solutions for the science cases. The workshop will consist of invited and contributed talks and provide ample room for discussions and interactions.

Some topics to be covered are: Current state of the art of VLBI (cm, mm, space), new space concepts (space-ground, space-space, small or larger number of antennas), Science of jets and black holes, test of general relativity, transients, masers, star and planet formation, astrometry 

Local Organization: Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL
Katharina Königstein (, H. Falcke (

Abstract Deadline: August 3, 2018 
Pre-registration and abstract/title submission: per informal email