Vacancy Notice: ALMA System Astronomer

Published: 23 May 2018
N159 in LMC: Herschel image & SEPIA spectra

For the JAO Department of Science Operations (DSO) in Santiago and the OSF in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, the ALMA Observatory is opening the position of

ALMA System Astronomer

The closing date for receipt of applications to be considered for the position is 31 May, 2018.  

The JAO Department of Science Operations (DSO) is responsible for the ALMA observations. It consists of three groups: the Array Operations Group (AOG), the Program Management Group (PMG), which is responsible for scheduling and tracking of projects as well as data quality assurance during the observations, and the Data Management Group (DMG), which is responsible for determining the performance of the array, the development and optimization of the array including the calibration plan as well as pipeline operations and data quality assurance. The DMG consists of the Head and Deputy Head of the group, eight System Astronomers and ten Science Archive Content Managers/pipeline operators. The System Astronomers report directly to the Deputy Head of the Data Management Group.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

ALMA system astronomers are the experts on the ALMA observatory and its performance, and provide advice and assistance to ALMA operations. They work closely with the ALMA Regional Centers, the system engineers in the ALMA Department of Engineering and the staff in the ALMA Department of Computing. Their duties consist of:

  • Monitoring and determining of the long-term performance of the array based on trend analysis.
  • Setting requirements and performing tests and evaluations of the on-line software system, including the correlator software.
  • Optimizing and developing observing sequence execution.
  • Investigating and potentially contributing to corrective action on system level problems discovered in software/hardware.
  • Participating in development and commissioning of new capabilities of ALMA.
  • Maintenance, development, optimization and execution of the ALMA calibration plan. 
  • Optimization and development of pipeline software and operations and data quality assurance.

The System Astronomers also contribute to science operations as Astronomers On Duty, and participate in tests and evaluation of the ALMA software systems relevant to operations (pipeline, data quality assurance, scheduling etc.).

The successful candidate is expected and encouraged to conduct his/her own astronomical research. Research in areas directed towards use of ALMA.For more information, please see the full vacancy announcement on the ESO Recruitment Portal website.