JAO external vacancy: ALMA Head of Science Operations - Santiago

Published: 13 Nov 2017
N159 in LMC: Herschel image & SEPIA spectra

The Joint ALMA Observatory invites applications for the position of:

ALMA Head of Science Operations - Santiago

The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) is seeking a senior science manager, with extensive experience, to lead the Department of Science Operations (DSO), which is responsible for the science operations of the international ALMA radio astronomy observatory in Chile. This is an outstanding opportunity to lead the scientific operations of the most ambitious ground-based observatory operational in the world today, delivering unique scientific data to a world-wide user community of approximately 4000 professional astronomers.

The initial deadline for receipt of applications to be considered for the position is November 24, 2017. However, applications will continue to be accepted until the position is filled.

The Head of DSO is responsible for the management and leadership of the scientific program from data acquisition to data delivery, observatory calibration, and improvements to overall performance of the observatory. The Head of DSO is expected to manage, directly or indirectly, a team of approximately 56 staff members.

The Head of DSO will be responsible for the operation of the array that requires careful attention, and coordination and consultation between JAO and the Executives (ESO, AUI/NRAO, NAOJ). The Head of DSO is central in leveraging ALMA’s dedicated development line to ensure new capabilities and instruments are developed to maintain ALMA’s position as a cutting edge astronomical facility. The Head of DSO will assess the potential consequences of any proposed development idea on ALMA operations and will help plan the Science Operations portion of the integration and commissioning plan for any approved ALMA Development projects.

The Head of DSO will report to the ALMA Deputy Director and will be a member of the JAO’s Core Management Team where it is expected that he/she will make key contributions to strategic planning, policy development and implementation, and the overall decision-making at the JAO to ensure policies, procedures and long-term goals are adopted by DSO staff and monitored for effectiveness. For more details please refer to the full job advertisement.

For more information, please see the full vacancy announcement on the ESO Recruitment Portal website.

Email: vacchile@eso.org