An ALMA Data Processing Workshop in Lisbon

Published: 22 Oct 2017

The Portuguese ALMA CENTER of Expertise (PACE) on behalf of the Institute of Astronomy and Space Sciences, in collaboration with the ESO and the RadioNet consortium (grant agreement No 730562), is glad to announce that an "ALMA Data Processing Workshop" will take place in Lisbon on 5th (afternoon), 6th, and 7th of December.

The huge increase of the data available on the archive has improved enormously the possibility for the scientific community to exploit the potential of this fantastic instrument. However, there are still many issues related to the non friendly nature of interferometric data, which need different processes to be transformed in scientifically useful data.

The goal of this workshop, open to all the European Community, is to bring together all the researchers which are planning to use ALMA data and put them together on an hands on session. We will guide the audience from the raw data towards scientifically exploitable data in 2 and half days of intense work.

The program together with logistic details are available in the website: We also inform the participants that fellowships are available for a small number of students, covering the travel and the accommodation.


Ciro Pappalardo
Portuguese ALMA Centre of Expertise Lead Scientist