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The Venus Transit 2004

.... the writings!

What was your impression when you viewed the Venus Transit? Did you think of the planet and its star, our Sun? The cosmic clockwork that keeps Venus in its orbit over billions of years? The people who travelled to distant shores in past centuries to make observations?

Did you write this impression down ? In a poem or in a short essay? Are you willing to share it with others? Then why don't you send it to the VT-2004 Organisers? Please note that we can only accept those texts written in English. For texts in other langages, please consult your National Node. The organisers also reserve the right to select the texts to be shown.

  •  O Evening Star! You have declined to the horizon! To rest in the "Beautiful West"! What a graceful tomb! Goodbye Evening Star! And never say goodbye, Venus! Like the phoenix, you will rise from blaze, on June 8! To be resurrected in the morning twilight! Good morning, Morning Star! 
    Aymen Ibrahem , Bibliotheca Alexandrina, astronomy specialist; Egypt
  •  Transit of Venus go annoy someone else passing cloud 
    Andre Surridgea , Hamilton, New Zealand
    [couldn't see it from NZ, good tv coverage though]

Astropoems by members of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy-SARM

(translated from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe )

  •  In other space,  for other time,  Miss Venus (eternal beauty)  and Mr. Sun (master of our daylight)  will be married.  Don't you see?  Lunettes are singing,  telescopes are dancing,  astronomers are fascinated.  Be sky guests, dear friends,  this is a great wedding party  in the solar system. 
    Andrei Dorian Gheorghe , Bucharest (first published in Astronomical Calendar 2004 by Guy Ottewell - Furman University and Astronomical League, USA)
  •  at the Sun's gate  dark Venus:   the transit of the spring! 
    Tina Visarian , Cluj-Napoca
  •  On the edge of the solar disk,  Venus, tapered like a tear,  imploring the star of life  to draw it for our eyes  waken up from the sleep  of the cloudy days. 
    Dan Mitrut , Bacau
  •  Helios in his chariot of fire  Raising into a magic moment  For a dream of astral love.  Discreet greatness - fecund Venus. 
    Victor Chifelea , Bucharest
  •  our wakening  with the Venusian rise  in the orange of the Sun... 
    Ion Moraru , Bucharest
  •  After more than a century  of castling,  the Sun and Venus  are walking together.  (Is the "black drop" of Venus  a cosmic tear of joy?) 
    Andrei Dorian Gheorghe , Bucharest
  •  silence all around:  the thrill of the transit  overflowing the sky 
    Tina Visarian , Cluj-Napoca
  •  Face to face with the Sun,  even Planet Venus' brilliance  becomes night.  Face to face with the Sky,  we're in debt to receive modestly  its high Light. 
    Valentin Grigore , Targoviste
  •  people and short escapes into space  thin cloud trying  to eclipse Venus trying  to eclipse the Sun  another emotion 
    Andrei Dorian Gheorghe , Bucharest
  •  Venus commits a big breach  Relaxing on the Sun's beach! 
    Sefora Molnar , Sighet
  •  With my open eyes,  I look at this world.  There are so many ways, my God,  to die on Earth!  And when I see a spot  attacking the Sun,  I can easily think of  a real contest of the darkness.  But... let's be realistic:  at the same time  life in its infinite magnitude and splendour  does not cease  its frantic, victorious assault. 
    Dominic Diamant , Bucharest
  •  The Sun in Gemini  Venus in the Sun  illusory twin feelings 
    Andrei Dorian Gheorghe , Bucharest
  •  I didn't see the first part  of the Venus transit across the Sun  because of the clouds.  After some implorations,  the sky recovered.  The same about my ETX telescope  which at first showed  a strange image.  After some good hits,  the telescope recovered. 
    Alexandru Conu , Magurele
  •  King Sun presenting  his Queen Venus.  It is the transit. The transit! 
    Gelu-Claudiu Radu , Cluj-Napoca
  •  Even Venus takes light  from the Sun two times in a century  to give it to us on Earth  in the clear nights... 
    Valentin Grigore , Targoviste
  •  Superb transit,  visible among the cloudy intermittences  with the naked eye,  and appearing like a lively black colour through the telescope... 
    Dimitrie Olinici , Suceava
  •  go,  heart-time,  venus-time,  tear-time,  sun-time,  eye-time... we just love  from the lower part to the upper part  like the gods  and die  from the lower part to the upper part  like the flight... 
    Adrian Sima , Bucharest
  •  Sessions, exams, coffee, blue nights  But Venus walking indifferently on the Sun.  I contemplating this splendour and... Let's dream of a trip to the stars! 
    Delia Loman , Bucharest
  •  nice girl looking through the telescope-  terrestrial Venus  transiting my life 
    Andrei Dorian Gheorghe , Bucharest
  •  Venus!  This year  our neighboring planet  was so beautiful,  the brightest "non-starry star" smiling to me from the heights!  But now,  during its transit across the Sun,  my dream planet seeming to become  a "black hole"... 
    Ion Moraru , Bucharest
  •  clouds don't matter:  Venus in transit  piercing shadows 
    Tina Visarian , Cluj-Napoca
  •  It's hard to describe  that floating almost unreal  of an immense mass of matter Naturalness?...  Peace?... (Venus in not a simple definition  in a dictionary!) 
    Cornel Apetroaiei , Sighet
  •  Venus - a majestic title role  on a solar stage  directed by the Creator 
    Gabriel Ivanescu , Bucharest
  •  You're so dark, Venus,  transiting the Sun!  But you'll be the "morning star" again... 
    Andrei Dorian Gheorghe , Bucharest
  •  First contact:  timid kiss after 122 years.  Contacts 2 and 3:  embrace for 5 hours and 24 minutes.  Last contact:  kiss of good bye for 8 years. 
    Valentin Grigore , Targoviste
  •  Brilliant Venus  wished to show that  she can spectacularly run... and passed over the Sun! 
    Zigmund Tauberg , Bucharest
  •  A transient and hot beauty spot   with CO2, Sulphur and a light ring  cannot disturb the Sun's face.  But Venus murmurs  through some radio waves:  "Sky lovers, I wish you  some day to see from Mars the transit of Terra  across the Sun too." 
    Andrei Dorian Gheorghe , Bucharest

(All texts on this page may be downloaded and used, provided the authors and the VT-2004 programme are indicated as source.)