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The Venus Transit 2004

... How to Prepare Yourself for the Day of the Transit! (3)

Ten days before..... (around May 27, 2004)

National Nodes' website

As the transit is approaching, there is more to be considered.

Media reports

At this time you will surely hear MORE ABOUT THE VENUS TRANSIT IN THE MEDIA. An efficient way to scan the printed English-language press is by means of a WEB-SEARCH over the Google News service on "Venus Transit". Setting a few switches differently, you can scan the news media of other languages.

Related public events in your area?

It may also be useful to CONSULT THE WEBPAGES OF THE VT-2004 NODE IN YOUR AREA (COUNTRY). There will probably be indications about the places where public showings will take place, at some professional observatories or by amateur groups. You may also check the list of VT-2004 Network Members - many organisations (clubs, associations) have their own webpages about the Venus Transit with information about their plans for local public showings.

Want to know more?

Have a look at the VT-2004 WEBSITE! It contains a lot of INTERESTING INFORMATION around the Venus Transit. In addition to the details about the event itself, you will find reference to, among others, Planet Venus, Our Central Star, Historical Transit Expeditions, Venusian Mythology, Science Fiction, more philolosophical issues like "What is Time?" and, not least, the way astronomers determine Distances in the Universe, based on the distance from the Earth to the Sun (which can be measured by means of observations of a Venus transit).


If you have questions in this context, you may contact the organisers via email at or post them on the VT-2004 FORUM.

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