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The Venus Transit 2004

... In Your Language and in Your Region!


The VT 2004 project promotes international collaboration throughout a large part of the world . This has included the establishment of a large, international network of educational institutions that has been very actively involved in the Venus Transit event .

Some organisations worked particularly closely with the VT-2004 programme and were designated as VT-2004 Nodes . They made special efforts to promote this event and the VT-2004 programme in their respective geographical areas, e.g., by providing information about the Venus Transit and the VT-2004 programme in the local language(s) . More details will be found at their websites which can be reached directly via the clickable map of Europe below (*).

The complete list of Network members, with all links to their websites, will be found on the VT-Network page .

(*) In countries (regions) where no VT-2004 Node was established, the link from the map is diverted to the VT-Network page for that country.