Pitch Your Research for an ESO Press Release for a Chance to Make the News

Published: 23 Feb 2020
Artist’s impression created for an ESO press release issued in December 2019, showing an evaporating exoplanet around a white dwarf.
Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser

ESO produces press releases based on research done with ESO telescopes or instruments, including those where ESO is a partner or that are hosted at an ESO site. At the Department of Communication, we are always searching for exciting and important research to feature in ESO press releases. If you have an interesting story of your own you'd like to pitch for an ESO press release, please send your paper to ESO's Public Information Officer Barbara Ferreira via e-mail at pio@eso.org.

Since the process of evaluating and preparing a press release can be lengthy, we'd ask you to please send us your paper as soon as it has been submitted to a journal. We will then ask you a few questions about your research so that we are able to properly evaluate it as a potential press release. If your science does make it into a press release, it will make the news.